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Last month’s newsletter contained two very important items: the news of our departure from Ancona this summer, and the news of a newly-baptized believer. One news item effects my family and those close to us. The other effects the eternity of a young Afghani man. One news item causes upheaval in our lives. The other calms a young man who has seen more than his share of unrest.

Several months ago our team was contacted by a young Iranian man and his wife who live in a town just up the road. They are both Christians and came to Italy to escape persecution in their home country.

Shortly after, we learned about a group of Afghani refugees that live just a bit further away. They left Afghanistan as Muslims, and one of them later became a Christian. They are now in Italy waiting to see if the Italian government will grant them asylum. They are lonely and maybe a bit afraid in this country. We had the pleasure of baptizing one of them who, in his words, “needed to find peace and to make a decision to follow Jesus.”

And Kyle and I are just scratching our heads and wondering how it is exactly that we got thrown in the middle of all of this!

On a personal level, seeing these great things happen is a huge reminder to me that what is happening in Ancona is so much bigger than me and my family, bigger than the team, bigger than our church. The ministry in Ancona will continue without us. It has blessed us to be here for ten years, and we hope and pray that we have been a blessing as well.

We need your prayers this month. We have just about three months left here in Ancona. We have many decisions to make about things on this side of the Atlantic. I have applied for a ministry position that seems like a great fit and are waiting to hear about a decision. I think we will all feel better when we know where exactly we will land when we get to the US.

The kids are slowly coming to grips with our departure. It will be tough for them to say goodbye, but they are beginning to talk about some positive things about living in the US. (They amaze me at how well they analyze cultures.) I think it’s a good sign that we are all beginning to think about life past “the departure.”

We will be communicating with our supporters soon about how the transition to the US will go and what we will need when we get there.

Keep praying!


  1. Susan Casey said,

    03.27.15 at 8:56 am

    Can’t wait to hear about the job op. Praying it works! So proud of the kids–young ones are SO ADAPTABLE! Praying for safe travels, packing, saying goodbye. We know it is frustrating. Love you tons, Suz

  2. rob grandi said,

    03.28.15 at 6:40 am

    Through your physical move, there are some spiritual analogies to be drawn about moving into the Kingdom of God (as the Afghani brother experienced and is experiencing) and about moving from this earth to heaven (for example, the excitement, yet reticence toward the unknown).

  3. Dee Zick said,

    04.12.15 at 6:06 pm

    Keeping all in my prayers.
    Love in Christ,
    Grandma Dee

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