Watching God Work

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Buon Natale! (or Boldog karácsonyt since I’m writing to you from Hungary!) A few days ago we arrived in Budapest to spend Christmas with some friends who have been ministering here for about six years. We have enjoyed getting to know each other over the years and it’s been fun to watch our kids grow up together.

Our December was probably a lot like yours: very busy! Our schedules quickly filled up end-of-semester conferences at the kids’ schools, class dinners, and parties. And in the middle of all, our normal ministry activities continued.

One highlight for us was the progress being made in our three English Bible studies. All of the groups are really grasping with who Jesus was and what he asks of us. Our newest group, composed mainly of university students, has amazed me with their hunger to study the Bible. They surprised us one night by inviting several of their friends to come and stay for a dinner after the study. One of those friends even returned to the study the following week.

During this dinner, at a certain point in the conversation someone asked the $10,000 question: what is the difference between the protestant church and the catholic church. Over the years, our team has struggled with how to answer that question. Rarely are people asking about Martin Luther and his 95 Theses. They are occasionally curious about the fact that we, as pastors, are married and Catholic priests are not. But we always try to turn the conversation towards the importance of following Jesus. And that is exactly what we told everyone. It would take forever to list every difference, and to drawing lines between “us” and “them” isn’t very helpful. But to sit in a room with eight students and encourage them to read the Bible and learn about the things that Jesus said and did … and them to have them agree to do that … is a wonderful thing.

So keep praying for these three groups. Despite busy holiday schedules the groups continue to make our meetings a priority. And we keep pointing them to Jesus. We see signs that God is working in their hearts. We can’t wait for the day when they decide to become his disciples.

Thank you for making our ministry possible with your prayers and with your financial support. We love that God is working through us to see His kingdom grow!

Wherever you are this Christmas, we are praying that the peace of Christ will reign in your hearts. Talk to you next year!