Road Trip

Posted in home service, Newsletters at 2:33 pm

Road trip! That’s right. As you know, we are spending this summer on our home assignment. We are taking this opportunity to travel to churches and some individuals who support the ministry in Ancona to report all that God is doing in our little part of the world. So far it has been a wonderful experience.

I must say, though, it really is strange being away from our lives and ministries for so long. Three months isn’t too long when you consider all of the travel involved. But, on the flip side, it is quite long to be away from your ministry, friends, church, bed, and the list goes on.

When we are away, two things can happen: We can get to telling you all about Italy and what God is doing and as we get excited in our storytelling, we renew our passion for ministering there among the Anconetani. Or, we could get tired from everything and become distracted. I want the former, wouldn’t you?

It’s funny. My super nerdy cool husband said something in his sermon the other day that stuck with me. He was talking about The Hobbit. There is a part where the dwarfs need to pass through Mirkwood Forest. Gandolf tells them to “stay on the path.” He knew that if they strayed from the path it would not end up well for them.

I think that many things in our life are like that. We have a plan, a calling, a reason for doing things. And, deep down, we know that we need to stay on the path. Home assignment could be a big distraction from ministry. Or, it could be a fun, inspiring, rewarding path that we must travel along in order to get through our “Mirkwood Forest.”

In my life, I don’t want to stray from the path. I don’t want to find myself lost, or distracted, or harmed because I couldn’t just keep going towards the destination marked out for me. So, I forge on. We forge on. We’re about halfway through the summer, and we continue to stay on the path. And it’s a blessing. It’s a refresher. It’s an encouragement. But best of all, at the end of it we will be home.

Thank you for your part in the ministry in Ancona. We appreciate you so very much. Our life is very much a whirlwind right now, so if we miss you please know that we are thankful for you and blessed by you!