I’m Really Prideful

Posted in family, home service, Newsletters at 2:49 pm

I honestly feel a bit like I am repeating myself all the time. From the time of our arrival in the Yamhill County, Oregon area, all I have done is tell people is, “Thanks!”

We’ve had people loan us vehicles. Pastors gave up their pulpits for the week so we could talk about what God is doing in Ancona. We got to stay in a beach house for a few days. A couple brought us a cooler full of meat. Another family brought us three loaves of homemade bread. I can’t count the dinners that we’ve been to. Our kids got time in a recording studio to record their first track (look for the latest CD by Chloe and the Dudes on iTunes soon). One wonderful lady handed us the keys to her house and moved into her parents’ RV next door. We had the place to ourselves where we could unwind as a family.

The prideful part of me finds it difficult to be on the receiving end of so many good things (weird for a missionary who is already supported by the donations of dozens of people). But we hear it over and over: “We never get to see you all! Give us a chance to bless you in some way.” So I swallow my pride and allow the Church to fulfill one of its most important roles: be a conduit of God’s blessings. So we say it over and over again: “Thanks!”

We hear great things from the church in Ancona, particularly in regards to the Let’s Start Talking program. Over thirty students are reading the Gospel of Luke with three college students who are with us for six weeks. We are praying that these thirty students will make the transition from studying the Gospel to learn English to studying the Gospel to learn about Jesus! Will you join us in praying for that?

We are now in Rockford, Illinois, spending some time with Heidi’s home church and with her family who live in the area. You wouldn’t believe the squeals of delight when we got to Heidi’s mom’s house around 2 AM. Three years is a long time for Grandma to be away from her grand kids (and probably Heidi, too).

We also just heard word that our teammates will be making a very quick trip to the US to attend a Jonathan Training course at Team Expansion’s home office in Louisville, Kentucky. I have completed most of the reading for the course, and I am excited for all four of us to have the opportunity to sit down and talk about the future of the church plant in Ancona.

Thanks … there’s that word again … for keeping up with us. Hope to see many of you along the way somewhere.