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I’m one of the parent representatives for my son’s class. It’s the first time I have ever done anything like this, and I am enjoying peeking behind the curtain at what goes on in our kids’ schools.

Recently we found out that a kid in the class was being bullied online. The things that the other kids were putting online really stunned me, and I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to read things like that and know that they are about you.

In response to this, my co-parent representative organized an initiative to talk to the classes about cyber-bullying. He found an organization that comes to talk to kids about the internet and how to use it responsibly. There is a section on how things posted online can end up hurting a job interview someday. The police even come and explain how anonymous online isn’t really all that anonymous, and people can get in trouble for making threats.

As I sat in on the planning meeting, I couldn’t help but notice that we all were dancing around the core issue: that it’s wrong to bully someone online because it harms other people, not just because it can have negative repercussions on our future.

But, in post-Christian Europe, it’s just about impossible to deal with core issues like morality because there is no common core. Obviously it would be tough to deal with that kind of issue in any school, but I was bothered that there wasn’t any way to help the kids to understand the morality.

Which is why we need church planters in Italy! I firmly believe that so many of our problems here are because so few people are following Jesus. Maybe that sounds simplistic, but isn’t it true? How many problems does our society face because it doesn’t do what Jesus asks it to do? Don’t all of our problems really start there?

So pray for the church that God is growing in Ancona. Pray for us to be strong and to boldly show people what it means to follow Jesus. God is working here! He is growing and maturing His body. The progress is slow, but it is happening.

Last week was Italian Liberation Day. One of our church members organized a cook out at a local park. He was going to just invite his church friends, but also wanted to spend time with friends who don’t yet follow Jesus. So he combined them both. As I sat and watched the two groups mingle, I wondered, “isn’t this really what evangelism is?”

Thanks for your support! Please pray!