Changing Seasons

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While the changing of the seasons isn’t quite as pronounced here as it may be where you are, I do love to see the beauty of creation as we head into fall. Things seem to be speeding up and slowing down all at once. Soon, winter will arrive, and the earth will rest, lying cold and dormant until spring. I get much joy from patterning my life after how God has created the seasons. In the fall, I look towards the end of the year and remind myself that I want to finish well. Did I accomplish what I had hoped to accomplish this year? Have I changed? Have I grown? Have I encouraged others to grow?

I look back and see how God has worked in us, our family and our team. I see how He has worked in our community, challenging the believers here in many, many ways. And I also look to the future. The next couple of months are very important. We have some team transitions we are working through, as well as a major prayer that we have prayed throughout the year that we would love to see how God will answer. We have already seen God working through our team transition, but the major prayer…? Do you remember that one?

We have been praying that God will bring ten new believers this year. Throughout the year, at different times, we have asked you to pray alongside of us. Will you continue to do this? We have had more visitors in our church service as of late, and there are definitely people softening to the message of the Gospel, but we have a long way to go. It’s not a work that we can do alone. Well, honestly, it’s not even something that we can do at all. It’s the Lord’s work that only He can accomplish through us.
Will you please pray with us that the Chiesa di Cristo La Via will see growth in the next two months? (ten new believers would grow our community by 50%) Pray for a catalyst. Pray for something that would just be the springboard for change and growth in the city of Ancona. Pray that Ancona would seek the Lord once and for all, that the hearts of the people would be softened, and they would come to know Jesus as Saviour. And pray for our church members to find that balance between truth and love (a concept the men in our church have been studying).

Thanks for sharing in the ministry here in Ancona!! You are a huge part of what we do here. We couldn’t do it without you.