Years of Famine, Years of Plenty

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Woo hoo! Trey and Giulia were baptized last Sunday, August 11th! Rejoice with us. It looks like we have another baptism coming up on September 1st, as well!

Let me tell you something. I just got back from a walk. No. Not bragging. You know I need to take walks more often. I’m telling you this because it’s eleven PM and everyone should be in for the night. Only no one is around. No sounds of late dinners or murmurs heard through open apartment windows. I even passed an entire city block where there wasn’t a single parked car!

These are the signs of August in Italy. We have less than a month before school starts and shops and cafes are closed for vacation. It’s not unusual to walk down to get the paper only to remember that your favorite newsstand is closed for the next two weeks!

Which reminded me of something. We have been going through a sermon series on the book of Genesis. A couple of weeks ago Brian started talking about the life of Joseph. We hit on Pharaoh’s dreams of the seven years of famine, and how Joseph was placed in charge of setting aside grain during the seven years of plenty. Brian asked how we can be ready for the “famine,” so to speak. One of the girls mentioned that we could “set some aside.” But, the conversation went on, and we never really explored what she meant. I have been thinking ever since.

I know that when school starts other activities will begin as well. We’ll resume mid-week Bible studies, and the kids will be back into sports and music lessons. So, because I anticipate being spread thin for a while, I feel that I need to “set some aside.” Now I have less responsibilities (only to have fun with the kids while on summer vacation). I have more time. I can read the Word freely. I can study books and listen to sermons. I have actual down time for hanging out with and discipling others, including our own children. What a blessing. What a joy. Don’t forget to spend time with the One who has called you, as well.