No Charge

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Officially, we’re calling it Studi Biblici per Curiosi – Bible Studies for the Curious. It’s pretty simple, really. We put up some flyers telling people to get in touch with us if the would like to study the Bible with a Protestant Pastor. And then we wait.

Our teammate was recently talking with a woman who was curious to know what we believe, and he suggested to her that she get in touch with me and start studying. She called and we set up a time and place to meet.

She asked about my background and some of the basics of what we believe. She asked me how the studies work. And then she sort of paused and sheepishly asked, “Well what’s the catch? What are you asking from me?” She was used to paying big fees to attend workshops by gurus who want to teach their beliefs, and thought that surely we would ask her to pay something.

I told her that I just needed time. No charge. She just kind of looked at me, and I could see her trying to figure out what the catch is.

So once a week, as our schedules permit, we sit down with some coffee and we read the Gospel of John together. Usually a chapter at a time, maybe a little less. And then we talk.

I try and guide the conversation towards a particular lesson that Jesus taught or the meaning of a parable. But mostly I just sit there and watch her wrestle with what the text might mean in her life.

We have a big outreach coming up next week. Seventy young people from a church in northern Italy will be here to evangelize on the beaches in the morning and in the piazzas at night. We were talking to the church about ways we can be involved each evening, and ways that we can share our faith. Several mentioned that they could just send people who are interested to me or Kyle, and we could take over from there.

Kyle wisely stopped the conversation and explained that every believer needs to be able to share the Gospel with someone. The Holy Spirit inside of Kyle and me (the pastors) is the same that is inside of all believers. Often evangelism is listening and watching for opportunities to speak God’s truth into the heart of someone who is seeking.

Can you pray for us as leaders and for the members of our church to be bold next week as we talk to curiosi who happen to walk by? Pray for God’s church in Ancona to grow!