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Summer has arrived! I know this because I am sitting in my semi-dark bedroom with the fan blowing on me trying my best to stay cool in this hot weather. It’s hard to enjoy the sunshine, though, because the facade on our apartment building has been getting an overhaul since April 15th. This means that starting at 7 AM we can hear jackhammers pounding into our building, pulling out pieces of concrete, etc. Then the pieces fall in huge chunks down the scaffolding with a resounding thud. After that the dust settles. And boy does it settle. Whew. It seems like I am always sweeping piles of dust off of something. So, to cool off, we head outdoors.

The arrival of summer also means school is out! Trey completed 5th grade and is now a middle schooler. Lance and Chloe are in the process of completing middle school. After school gets out, there is one week worth of written tests. They completed these exams last week. Then, there is the oral exam. After the oral exam, you are given a final grade and told whether you passed or not. Lance’s is on the 25th, and Chloe’s is on the 28th. Soon they will be in high school, which makes mom a little nervous!

I feel like there is so much to tell you! Let’s go with yesterday. I had a great time yesterday taking the train to nearby Senigallia. We have a believer there, Valentina, who because of her work schedule cannot join us for church. So, we take church to her. Yesterday Mariana, Trey, and I went to visit her. We had a great time reading from the Word and answering and asking questions. We had hugs and laughter, prayer, and even a little gelato. Oh what joy it is to fellowship with other believers. Valentina is a sweet lady in her 50’s who has only walked with the Lord for about a year now, but has amazing stories about how He had been pursuing her since she was a young mom.

I’m sorry, dear friend, that this is so choppy. I love to tell you stories and weave in anecdotes but I feel like so much has happened and is happening that I just seem to shoot off little facts here and there. I want to share so much, but there is little space to do so. If you want, I’d love to hear from you on our blog! Or by email. Just jot down questions or comments, and I’d love to answer them and correspond more with you. You are such a blessing to us! More than you may realize. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.