Hectic Joy

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So here I am. Chloe has basketball practice tonight, so I’m passing my time in an Ikea café thinking about all that’s going on here in Ancona. On the far side of the room there is a birthday party. Pippi Longstocking is painting faces as children with their arms spread wide occasionally whiz by me pretending to be airplanes. The magic of a great party, fun favors, and wonderful presents is in the air. I can’t help but smile. And be tickled. The fun of togetherness, the laughter of children, and the unity of parents. Joy.

We’ve had many moments of “hectic joy” this last month, as well. Let me tell you about one of my favorites. As we reported last month, we were headed to an all-team retreat that Brian was putting together for all three of the Team Expansion Italy teams. We were in a country farmhouse sharing life together as “family” for three days. It was a little crazy and a lot of fun. There were much needed times of prayer, and many encouraging moments. We were six families, including two pregnant ladies, an eight month old, 4 teenagers, and two kiddos. Thankfully, we had some wonderful, wonderful discussions and could absolutely feel the presence of the Lord encouraging us and giving us strength to go home and keep “plugging away” in a place where often the soil is a bit rocky.

Another favorite moment? Well, it happens tomorrow. Tomorrow is a convention for Christian ladies in Italy. It is in a town near Florence and four of us ladies from church are headed there in the morning. Getting there will be hectic. I just found out that there is a bus strike, so now I must drive 30 minutes one way to pick up one of the girls. Boy will I be glad to get on that train. This is the first time for two of them, and I am praying that they will see something wonderful in the fellowship between believers.
Speaking of a moment yet to come? Sunday we may have 5 visitors in church. A lady and her mom, a lady Kyle met at the bank, and another couple that randomly called me last night after seeing our website! Amen. Please pray for these possible visitors!

The cake is coming out! I can barely hear myself think. But to look at the faces of these little ones, their parents must think it’s worth it. And I feel just the same about our work here in Ancona.

Until next month…