They’re ba-ack…

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They’re ba-ack. Our teammates, that is. Many of you have been praying for us over the last six months as we have been “alone” on the field. While I admit, it is really hard without teammates to share the load (not just work, but the daily joys and struggles) God has continued to bless and encourage us despite their absence. Of course, we are now more than thrilled to have them back with us. Now that Kyle’s wife, Rebecca, has arrived, I am no longer the only woman on the team. :)

Things have been moving along here in Ancona. Our latest believer continues to grow in her faith, and her questions continue to stretch us to think and grow, as well. Novella is still grieving, but her faith is growing and she continues to make the Lord and fellowship with believers a priority. The Romanian families are strengthening and growing in their walk with the Lord, as well. One lady in the church has been very busy with work and things, so we have not seen much of her lately. Pray for her as she struggles to hold tight to the good things and weed out the bad things in her life.

These last few months we have had a new lady attending our church. She came and worshipped with us a few years ago, but we haven’t seen her since. In these last few years, her life has changed dramatically. Sabrina has a brain tumor. She has had 10 rounds of chemotherapy, and one more to go. Needless to say, she can’t always be with us for health reasons. But, she comes whenever it is possible. Not only does she come, but it is a 45 minute bus ride for her to get to church! Won’t you pray for Sabrina?

Next month we will be having a planning retreat. We will look at the past year, and look ahead to how we can be effective in 2013. This year we will be doing something different. We will also be meeting with the Team Expansion teams in Verona and Santa Maria delle Mole. We will have times of corporate worship, as well as brainstorming. Then, of course, we will divide and have team time where we can put together our plan for the year. Will you start praying for this now? The dates are February 12-15. If you could set aside some time to pray about this, we would greatly appreciate it. God is moving in Ancona. Pray that we see where and how and that we can meet up with Him and serve Him effectively.

Thanks for all that you do for us!