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I’m writing this on a Saturday afternoon from our church’s meeting place, La Via. Two floors below me people are rushing around downtown trying to finish up Christmas shopping. Traffic will be a nightmare in a couple of hours. The kids are all on Christmas vacation (and not a day too soon – we were all ready for a break). Some of our church members have already traveled home for Christmas.

I can step over to the window and look out at the craziness. It’s right below me, but I’m somehow insulated from it all here in our meeting room. In busy periods of life I think it’s important to take a step back and look at the big picture. This Sunday we will step back from the manger and look at the genealogy of Jesus. For generations, people were waiting for the solution to the problem of sin.

A few weekends ago our church took a step back and attended a convention. It’s easy for our believers to put on blinders and start to think that God is working only here in Ancona. But in a room full of four-hundred other Christians, all singing praises to God, you can’t help but zoom out and see what God is doing all over this country.

Other times it’s better to zoom in. The topic of evangelism is sometimes discouraging to us because the job seems so big. All of us know so many people who aren’t following Jesus and who honestly don’t give a care. But at the convention, our church members learned a simple way to study the Bible with someone who may be curious about Jesus. We zoomed in and focused on the one or two people we all know who are interested.

Poverty is skyrocketing in Italy as the economy gets worse and worse. We all know so many who need help. When we zoom out we see a huge problem that our small church couldn’t begin to solve. But if we zoom in on a few that God has put in our lives, we find plenty of ways to bless others.

We all need to find the right perspective, don’t we? Sometimes we need to step back and see how God is working with his huge brush strokes. Other times we need to zoom in and hold His fine-tip brush while He moves in the individuals around us.

May God grant all of us the right perspective. Merry Christmas!