Tough times

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Oh dear friends. I have had a couple of days of writer’s block. I knew we had to chat, but I didn’t know exactly what to say. I suppose I still don’t.

We have had some trying times in the life of our little congregation. Sure, there are always unhappy people wherever you go. There are contentious people in every church. We live in a fallen world with fallen people. Well, what I have to say today is birthed out of many months of prayer. Many long conversations. And, above all else, it comes directly from the Word.

We have a couple in our church that has been causing trouble for some time now. Their behavior has been extremely divisive and threatening to our community. They have been confronted by each of the pastors on our team at different occasions. But, since about April, things have gotten worse. There are many things contributing to this decision. There have been hard talks and many tears. In the end, we had to ask them to not join us for worship until they are ready to submit to the leadership of the church as well as the authority of Christ, who is the head of the church. Oh, friends, it was so hard. I pray to never have to be a part of something like this again.

To what end? What is the purpose? Well, in a situation like this, the end goal is always repentance. Oh, how we long for a day of repentance and reconciliation. We want them to come back, to the Lord and then to us. But, it must be in His time, for His purpose. Will you please be in prayer for our lost friends? Pray that they can be convicted of their divisiveness and that God would soften their hearts and bring them back to Him?

Thanks for your support. I’m guessing that this month’s letter is not an easy read. I feel that I have to be truthful and let you know everything going on. This way, through honest communication, you will know how to encourage us, support us, and lift us up in prayer. Thank you!