Falling into Place

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Yesterday I got a little glimpse of the church not needing us anymore. And it was awesome.

One of our church members, Cri, recently started a job as a care-taker for an elderly man in her city. This man also has a live-in nurse who is from Romania, so Cri struck up a conversation with her. Her Italian is pretty rough, so it’s hard to understand everything she says, but Cri got the distinct impression that this girl was searching for God in some way.

We have some Romanian immigrants in our church, who called a friend who happened to be coming this way from Romania, and they brought her a Romanian Bible. Last Sunday after church we passed the Bible around and signed it. The dedication was John 14:6: Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” After all of our names I noticed that Mariana had written her phone number.

So yesterday I called Cri to see what happened at work on Monday. The young girl eagerly took the Bible and said she couldn’t wait to start reading it! Later that afternoon she had already called Mariana to thank her.

Now that she was able to speak to someone in her own language, we learned more of her story. She’s alone here with three kids and her ex-husband is still in Romania. She has two Jehovah’s Witnesses regularly coming to visit her, and she’s not really sure what to believe. Her work schedule only gives her three free hours per day, so she’s not sure when she could ever come to church. Mariana assured her that we will bring the church to her!

So go back and read that story and see how much the American missionaries were involved…

My heart swelled with pride as Mariana and Cri shared their stories of sharing the Gospel in a very practical way with their new friend. Interestingly enough, neither one of them would have been able to reach her alone. They needed something that someone else in the church had, and God put them together to make it happen.

Our prayer and our hope is to hear more and more stories like this; stories of the believers working together and using their gifts for the Lord.

Until next month…