Crazy Winter Weather

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Nothing like a little snow to bring this town to a screeching halt. February 2nd, around 10 PM, the kids were in bed and I heard my phone beep. I had received a message. “No school tomorrow … snow day.” I ran to the window and looked outside. No snow. Not, like, no snow stuck to the ground but actually not a flake in sight. So, I asked around on facebook. It was snowing a little in the hills, but not yet in our area. So, I turned off the alarm and happily went to bed knowing the surprise that awaited the kiddos in the morning.

Sure enough, there was snow! And Lance running into my room telling me we were late for school. There was no school that day, I told him. And, as it turned out, for the next eleven days! That’s right. We just had eleven snow days. There was no way we could get our car out, and the bus that comes near our house didn’t run for most of that time. When we got desperate, Trey and I hiked down to the grocery store with backpacks to haul some milk back up the hill. The store looked like war times, with so many empty spaces and not even a bag of flour on the shelves!

We played in the snow, and drank endless mugs of hot chocolate. We stilled our lives and listened to each other.

Yes, it was a little annoying that what we call “winter” in northern Illinois was a “snow emergency” in Ancona. Sure, it was hard when no one could get to church because of the roads. But, I must say, we did reap the rewards of “together time.”

I love how God fashions this season of Winter. The trees are bare, the sun goes down early, and things are still and quiet. We stay in more. We rest more. And just when we don’t know what to do with ourselves, He brings us spring. The trees start to bud. The flowers poke out of the still cold ground.

Isn’t life so like that? We have down times. A dry spell. Tragedy. Difficulty. Whatever you want to call it, really. The bottom line is we’re forced to be still. And in that stillness we hear it. That still, small voice calling us. Bringing us closer to Him and to each other. Then comes spring. The warmth, the flowers, the joy of it all. And we see that the winter really was worth it.

This year we are eagerly looking forward to spring, that’s for sure. But the little surprises of winter still make us smile.

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Until next month…