The Fall of Man and Christmas

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Last Sunday in church I decided to take the unusual step of teaching about the fall of man, found in Genesis 3, on the Sunday before Christmas. Typically the topics around Christmas tend to come from passages found a bit later in the Bible. There are angels and wise men and a manger. But something led me to shake things up a bit. I was struck by the fact that just hours after Adam and Eve disobeyed God, a plan was already in place to destroy sin. God cursed the snake (the devil) and said that he may be able to inflict some pain, but one day, one of Adam and Eve’s descendants, will deliver a fatal blow. It struck me that God was ready to do what it takes to fix this problem of sin that affects all of us.

It’s normal to think about Jesus’ sacrifice a little closer to Easter. Christmas is when we focus on the birth of Jesus. We picture the idyllic scene of Mary & Joseph and the animals all gathered around Jesus. And it’s really hard for us to fast forward thirty-some years and see that baby all grown up and hanging on the cross.

But that’s what was in God’s mind just after Adam & Eve ate the forbidden fruit. He was willing to sacrifice his own Son to fix our mistake. The baby Jesus is connected to the crucified Jesus and is connected to the resurrected Jesus.

We’ve been in Italy almost seven years now. And we’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to teach about the real, life-changing Jesus that we read about in the Bible to a nation of people who have spent generations keeping Him at arm’s length. We’ve messed up a lot, we’ve strained to hear God’s voice and see his directions. And after all that work, He has blessed us by using us to lead a small group of believers who are growing by leaps and bounds.

Many of you reading this had a part in the creation of this church. Isn’t it beautiful how the Body of Christ works? It really does cross over all of these silly lines we’ve written on the maps. Thank you for caring enough to sacrifice for a group of believers you probably won’t meet this side of eternity.

May God bless you with a relaxing Christmas, and may we spend some time thanking Him who already knew how to fix this sin problem of ours before we even started sinning.

Until next month…