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Re-entry. I suppose that’s a fancy name for returning to the mission field after an absence like our furlough this summer. We’ve been back about six weeks now. Some days it feels like we just returned, and others it seems like we’ve been back forever. Last night, for example, I went to the theatre with some friends, and though the play was in a bit of Naples’ dialect (the worst!!!), I understood what was going on!! My friend sitting next to me said that at times she couldn’t keep up because of the dialect. These kind of days make me feel right “at home.” Another time, though, I felt myself struggling to get the words out while speaking to some parents at Frannie’s school about how they felt about one of the teachers. Talk about embarrassing. “Hi nice to meet you. Listen to me stumble and speak like a third grader.” Oh, the life of a missionary…

My favorite part of re-entry? I have loved getting reacquainted with each church member and seeing how they have grown over the summer. What a blessing. With Francesca now in pre-school, I have a little more time in the mornings to go calling on the ladies in the church. Our new mom, Simona, really has a need for company right now. I’ve been able to go to her house and spend time talking and praying with her. What a joy to be able to pray together.

Two weeks ago I was blessed to be able to go to a 24/7 Prayer Conference called the Eurogathering in Frankfurt, Germany. I know that we just got back to Ancona, but I couldn’t pass it up. It turned out to be a great decision. We really had a great time praying for the continent of Europe and all of the countries represented there. How wonderful it was to see how big God’s church is, and also what great need there still is to bring the gospel to Europe.

What’s next? Well, next week Brian must return to the states for two weeks. He will be attending the Team Leaders’ Summit at Team Expansion, as well as heading off to the Joplin area to visit with churches there. Since this summer was cut quite short, we didn’t have time to visit that area. If you could pray for him as he travels, that would be appreciated. If you want to add the kids and I in there, we’d love your prayers as well.

Thanks for all that you do for us. We couldn’t make it without you!!