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We’re baaack…!

After a record-breaking trip of only 13 hours or so, we made it back to Chicago to the smiling faces of Heidi’s mom and sister. After a few days of rest while our bodies recovered from the time difference, we headed off on our first trip: Louisville, Kentucky.

Shively Christian Church is a wonderful church that actually decided to begin the work in Ancona about 14 years ago. It was our privilege to meet with them during our stay in Louisville. It’s not an exaggeration in the least to say that the church in Ancona wouldn’t exist without the visionary members who listened to God’s prompting years ago. They pray for us, support us financially, send us notes and packages, and just care deeply about the church in Ancona. We met with missions committees, elders, the staff, Sunday school classes, and others who are interested what God is doing in Ancona. Plenty of talking and sharing about how we see Him working and what the next phase of ministry is.

We also spent time with the home office of Team Expansion. As Team Expansion missionaries, we are a part of a network of over 300 other missionaries all over the world who are all doing what we are doing: planting churches in places where there aren’t any. It’s great to head back to the base and see what God is doing all over the world.

We’ve spent a little time catching up with family and friends. Our short visits can’t make up for the many months spent far away, but they do help take some of the “edge” off of being overseas.

We miss Ancona, especially the church. We think a lot about Marcus and our Life Group and friends from the kids’ schools and neighbors and how hot it must be there. We’re praying that God will keep working on their hearts and maturing the believers while we are apart. God loves the church in Ancona more than we do, and it’s good that things don’t always depend on our physical presence.

Can I ask you to pray for us as we travel this summer? Pray for us to remind people of the need in Ancona. Pray for Marcus and the church. And pray for us to stay strong as a family during stressful car trips and long meetings.

Until next month…