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Tomorrow. Tomorrow is a day we have prayed for for quite a while. By the time you read this, it may be over. But Saturday April 16 at 7pm (12 noon CST), Simone and Marianna will be baptized into Christ at the local swimming pool. Tears are brimming even as I type. I can’t help but to be overjoyed at how the Lord is at work here in Italy. We are growing. Our little, budding church is growing! Right now in profondità, as we say in Italian (depth for you English speakers). Next, we need you to pray that these new believers will start sharing the Gospel so that we can grow and reach others, as well. “Deep and wide,” as the children’s song goes, right? Please pray for Simone, Marianna, and the Chiesa di Cristo La Via this month as we all grow together.

I must admit something. I love to write to you and tell stories and say flowery things to try and inspire all of us to care just a little more about world missions and our role in it. But, right now, I’m thinking about this summer. So many things need to fall into place for our furlough. Because our kids are even older this time, and school is very important, we are shrinking our home service even more. We now have roughly 3 months to do and see what could reasonably take twice as long. We must jump from place to place this year. We hope to see as many of you as possible, but are unsure of how it will all work. I, the “fly by the seat of your pants” person in our family, made a color coded calendar! Brian asked me the other day, “Who are you?” :) As Mom, I desire everything to be calm, happy, fulfilling, joy-filled, and the list could go on. So, here I am. I’d like to throw out to you our most pressing need.

We are in need of a car. There are 6 people in our family, so unfortunately we need something relatively on the big side. If you or anyone you know can lend us a car for 3 months, or even a part of this time, please let us know. If it would help you or your business, the mileage put on the car is, in fact, a tax-deductible donation to the ministry.

Please pray about how you can help in this way.

Thanks so much for all you do for us. Lately, I have been overwhelmed with such a sense of gratitude. God really is at work, and I have been able to see it with my very eyes. Thanks for your financial support and prayers. We appreciate you.