Summer Summary

Posted in Newsletters at 5:58 am

I knew that the summer vacation season was over the other day when I had to make two or three circles before I found a parking spot near our church building. Everyone is back in town!

I really appreciated the slower pace of things this summer. It gave us a lot more time to spend with members of our church as well as others we are reaching out to. The time what we spend with people is a HUGE part of the ministry here, and it’s nice not to worry about soccer schedules and homework and hurrying back home for bedtimes.

We were asked to be a part of a yearly conference held in Campitello Matese. The conference was great, and I was honored to be one of the speakers for the morning sessions. Conferences are encouraging for us, because sometimes we feel like there aren’t any other believers besides our church in Ancona!

On Sundays during church we finished up our teaching series called What the Bible Says About…. We originally started this series as a response to questions that we had been hearing, especially as we confront some of the differences between our church and Catholicism. It ended up being such a blessing, and I think it showed to the church the importance of Biblical authority.

In July I was so proud to baptize Chloe, our oldest daughter. I’m already seeing growth in her just in these few short weeks.

Just last week our team made a quick get-a-way to go camping for a team retreat. This was my first retreat to lead in my new role as team leader. I couldn’t be happier about the team of people God has assembled here. They make the rookie team leader look good!

We end the summer with the usual summer slump in finances. Can I ask you to pray about our shortfall? We have taken a fraction of our salary this month, and things are tight. If it’s easier, you can also give online. Just click on the “Donate Now” button at the top of this page.

Wish I could fill you in on all the great things God is doing, but one page isn’t enough. Please keep reading the blog for more details. Thanks for all you do for our ministry in Ancona.