Everything is Bigger

Posted in home service at 2:01 pm

I’ve been very lax in updating the blog. Being in the US for a while has made it difficult to keep up with it. But I’ve had my eyes and mind open to this reinsertion into American culture.

This is our second trip back to the US since we moved to Italy. I have been surprised at how different things have seemed to me. Mathematically speaking, I’ve only spent 1/8 of my life living in Italy, so to come back and find that what should be 7/8 familiar seems somehow strange is a little unnerving.

My eye quickly noticed how big everything is here. Soon after arriving we needed to go to the grocery store and pick up some things. We didn’t have a car yet, so we decided to walk – something we’re very used to doing in Italy. I had forgotten about the spacious streets and sidewalks nearly the entire trip from the house to the store. And we didn’t see a soul using them. Very few cars and no one walking around. I kind of wondered what happened to all the people.

We found ourselves staring and unable to make a choice regarding the huge selection of items in the store – a store so big that five or six of our Italian stores would easily fit inside.

Cars are bigger. Parking lots are bigger. People are bigger. Buildings are bigger. I’ve grown accustomed to living on a smaller scale and it was odd getting used to the “bigness.” Of course, America has 3,800,000 square miles to spread out in compared to Italy’s 116, 000 square miles. I suppose I would spread out, too!