October 2008 Newsletter

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I guess it still counts as the October newsletter since it’s being published on the 31st, right? Geesh … what a month.


October 2008 Newsletter


How’s October 2009 sound?

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We had to take our oldest in for a doctor’s visit so he could do fencing. It’s mostly just a checkup, but this time she asked us if Lance had ever had an appointment with a cardiologist, or an EKG or anything. Which was kind of scary for a minute, but she assured us everything was OK and she just wanted to make sure nothing was wrong. She printed out the little form we need to take in to make the appointment, and I smiled knowing that it would be free because we’re a part of the Italian health care system.

I called the hospital to make the appointment this morning. I read all the numbers on the form, and she started typing it all into the computer. She warned me there could be a bit of a wait for the visit. And then she asked me how July 24, 2009 sounded. Seriously. Unbelievably, I happen to know we won’t be here around then, and said it would be better to wait. So I made an appointment for my son to see a cardiologist for October 1, 2009. An eleven month waiting period! Which really would have only been nine months, but still!

Different politicians have ideas for fixing the American health care system. I’ve been mostly pleased with what we get here, but would the average American be willing to wait that long for an appointment?

My premium for the year to be in the Italian system is around €400 for the whole family. I guess you get what you pay for!


How to move in Italy, Part 5

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So I think I can finally say that we’re moved into the house. It took a while, and there are still a few boxes laying around that we don’t really know what to do with. But it’s starting to feel like home.

I promised pics of the kitchen. I’m was glad we paid them to come and install it, but I think next time I could definitely do it myself. They make it pretty much idiot proof (which is good since we’re probably going to have to add some things on.

Here’s how it started: a pile of boxes in the living room. But this is only about 1/3 of the boxes.

Then the bottom cabinets:

Then the top cabinets:

Then the super-classy black fronts:

All done!