The Toughest Kids in the World

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One challenge about living in Italy is that it seems like there are relatively few opportunities for the kids to get out of the city and into nature. At least, few opportunities for people like us without a car!

I jumped at the chance when my friend, Erik, offered to drive us out to Silver Falls State Park to the Trail of Ten Falls. We packed the kids into the van, made a bunch of sandwiches, and started on the trail, not really knowing how long it was. About five miles later, we finished! And the kids didn’t complain once. We just kept walking and enjoying all the different waterfalls that we saw (you can see pictures here). Even our youngest kept up with the all of us! I have some pretty tough kids.


Portable Praise

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One of the fun things about going to so many different churches when we’re home on furlough is that we get to see how other churches do church.

We were in Willamina, Oregon last week for their Wednesday night service. The kids went back to the kids time. When it was all finished, they asked us to play a CD that they got from the kids time leader. Apparently all new visitors get a CD of all the songs they sing during kids time. We popped the CD in and the kids started singing with all their hearts. Then, Lance excitedly exclaimed, “It’s like portable praise!”

Living in Italy, there really aren’t many kids’ resources like that, so he was so excited to be able to sing on the road.