Divine Appointments

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This missionary business that I have found myself in has absolutely nothing to do with me. OK, maybe like 2% to do with me. The other 98% has everything to do with what God does – often in spite of me.

For example, last Friday the guys headed a bit out of town to go to some of the bigger stores. They often have much bigger selections and better prices. While we were on our way out, we met up with a person who used to come to our church, but recently decided to stop attending. Seeing her was a real boost for me, and we all got to sit down with her, listen to how things have been, and maybe minister a little. I felt like a little step towards reconciliation was made.

Yesterday I went to the airport with Matt to pick up the rest of his luggage. He drove his car and I rode in the taxi, since it wouldn’t all fit in his little car. The taxi driver and I had a great conversation, and we exchanged phone numbers. I hope to get in touch with him soon.

And so God puts these people in our path, completely unexpected to us. It’s our job to be salt and light – and be on the lookout.


It’s not my fault – Update

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Today, at approximately 11:45 AM, after three trips to the train station, I received my refund of €11.10 per goofed-up ticket for a total of €55.50.

There is justice.


It’s not my fault

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I’ve been debating on whether or not I should post this. Here goes…

Lance and I were in Lecce last week, about as far south as you can go into the bootheel of Italy. We had a convention to attend, but since it was over on Sunday after lunch we decided to take the night train home to Ancona. We goofed around in Lecce, sightseeing with Jason and his son, and our friend Maurizio. We headed to the station a little early, ready for our seven hour trip north to Ancona.

We were the first to board the train. We had bought lettini – beds. We bought the cheapest ones, which means their are six beds in one little compartment. It’s crowded, and sometimes a little weird since you’re sleeping with strangers, but it’s cheap! But soon after, another group of people came in. And as it turns out, they had the exact same seat numbers as us.

Maurizio was the champion in this story. Initially, the train conductor said there was nothing he could do and that we would have to be in piedi – on foot – the whole 7 hour, overnight trip. With two kids in tow! I was pretty ticked. But Maurizio did what Italians are great at doing – he argued with him. Over and over again the train conductor said that it wasn’t his fault – he didn’t sell the tickets twice. But we reminded him that he did work for the company who did. Finally, he begrudgingly found us 5 empty seats 6 cars away. Seats, mind you, not beds.

But it gets weirder, finally after settling into our new seats, we find out that the seats (there are 6 in the cabin, three on each side) kind of slide forward and lean back to make a bed. And when all 6 people do that the seats meet up with each other and make one uncomfortable bed. We literally could not turn over without bumping into to someone. It was just short enough so that I couldn’t completely stretch out. Jason and I at one point noticed that we were technically sleeping in the same bed with our children and two women we had never met. It was awkward and bizarre and frustrating all at once.

And tomorrow I’m going to the train station and do my best angry Italian impression. They had better be giving me a refund. Oh, life on the trains…


Well that’s the least of my worries…

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Yesterday in staff meeting Jason told me that he overheard some of the workers in Trey’s school talking about some problem that they had been having with him. I was kind of puzzled, since they never said anything to me (so much for all the recent privacy acts that have been passed!). I was kind of bummed, because you just don’t want to hear that your kid is having problems in school.

So when I went to pick up Trey after school, I asked one of the helpers what kinds of problems they had been having with Trey. She told me that after he goes to the bathroom, he stands on the toilet so he can reach the button to flush. I kind of paused and waited for the part where he’s pushing kids or something a little more serious. Sensing my confusion, she said that sometimes he pretends like he doesn’t hear her. I smiled and said that sometimes he does that at home! I promised I would talk to him about standing on the toilet.

And breathed a sigh of relief that that’s all I have to worry about!