An Interesting Trip

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We took a train to Ancona yesterday to spend the weekend with our teammates. So far we’ve found train travel to be pretty easy. But this trip was anything but. Our first train was uneventful. We arrive in Foligno (where we would change trains) with plenty of time to spare. However, as the departure time for our second train got closer, there was announcement … our train would be delayed for at least 70 minutes. Yesterday was pretty hot, about 38°C. So there we were, baking in the sun and waiting for our train. It finally arrived, and as we boarded we noticed that the train was unusually full. I went ahead a few cars to find some empty seats. There were only a few here and there, nothing where we could all sit together. Many people were standing in the aisles or in-between cars. So I took the boys and Heidi took the girls and we spread out to find seats. The car was supposed to have air conditioning, but we’ve found that air conditioning, when it exists in Italy, isn’t what we think of in the US. It’s only sort of cooler than outside. And when it’s hot, it does even less. I was just dripping with sweat.

I sound like I’m complaining. It’s wasn’t the best experience that I’ve ever had, but certainly not the worst. We arrived to see our smiling teammates waiting for us. We made it here safely, and train travel is certainly the cheapest way for us to get places. We’re just hoping that next time we have a place for all of us to sit! :)


Where Everybody Knows Your Name

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Brandy came over and did children’s church with the kids tonight, so Heidi and I went for a walk around the neighborhood. We stopped at a bar that we go to every now and then. And by bar, we mean the Italian kind of bar with Ice Cream and Coffee, not the American kind of bar. The barista met us at the ice cream counter and said, “Dov’è i vostri figli? Siete liberi oggi?” Where are your kids? Are you free today? We smiled as she dished up our gelato and realized that, for the first time, an Italian recognized us! It was a good feeling.



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Spoleto was wonderful, but all of us are absolutely exhausted. We arrived in Spoleto, grabbed a map and some bus tickets, and headed towards … something. We got lost, went in circles, and generally just weren’t having a good time. We asked at a newsstand which bus to take to get to the Duomo – the main cathedral. We hopped on the bus and went uphill (always good to be on a bus when you’re going uphill!). The driver helpfully pointed us in the right way, and off we went. The street was called Via del Duomo, so we knew we were headed in the right way, but it looked like we were on just any old street. And then suddenly, we turned a corner and were amazed at this huge cathedral! It’s just like Italy to hide such a beautiful thing on an ordinary street.

We then went a ways further to a street that went around an old castle, and then walked across a bridge that was built around 1200 AD! It was a wonderful day!


Train trips

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Today we’re taking a train trip to Spoleto, a city about an hour away in the Umbria Region. Train travel is very inexpensive, so we’ve found that it’s fun to pick a city and hop on a train. Cities in Italy all have unique personalities and traits. If you travel from one city in the USA to another an hour away you probably wouldn’t notice much of a difference. But here the difference can be night and day. We’ll try and post some pictures when we get back.


The kids are going to school!

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Well sorry for the lack of posts. It’s hard to keep up with this blog thing when updating it means a bus trip and a walk the the center…

I couldn’t help but smile today when Heidi came home from grocery shopping with a tiny little backpack for Trey. The kids are starting school in the Fall. Trey wore it all duing dinner. When Heidi brought it home he opened up and said, “Let’s see what’s in it!” He was disappointed that it was, at least for now, empty.

The older kids are slowing warming up to the idea. They are understandably nervous. Heidi and I are going to begin teaching them some “school” vocabulary to give them a head start. But everyone we’ve spoken to has told us how quickly kids pick up on language. Wish that were the same for Heidi and I.

Keep the kiddos in your prayers!