A stroll through Ancona

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Today is Saturday, and we decided to go on an adventure. We asked Matt and Angie for directions to get somewhere by bus. So it was off to Piazza Ugo Bassi. We bought our tickets (biglietti andata e ritorno), boarded the right bus, and got off at the right stop. A very sucsessful first try! We went through the open air market, complete with fresh seafood (still wiggling!), cheeses, and vegetables. The kids were pinching their noses the whole time – several people pointed at the American kids who weren’t used to the smells! We stopped at a pizzeria for a couple of slices and then headed back to Matt & Angie’s apartment.

What sounds like a stroll though the streets of Ancona is really an important learning experience for us. Our main mode of transportation will be by bus. Shopping at the marketplace shows us how Italians make purchases. And just being out during the busy time of the morning gets us used to doing things the Italian way.

But I’ll admit – all of this is a fun way to learn!



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